I’m Bodah (rhymes with soda) and this is my website. I tattoo at a private studio called Detroit Grand Tattoo Company in Ferndale, Michigan just outside Detroit.

I’ve been tattooing for around twenty years. I started my tattoo journey while I was still serving in The US Army circa 1999. Tattooing wherever I could on weekends and leave. I separated from the army in 2006 and started tattooing full time from there. I’ve tattooed in most states and a few countries in Europe and Asia. I’ve won some awards and have been published In print and online.  I enjoy teaching and offer a few seminars.  I’m an extremely versatile artist though my strengths are in forms of realism. I do also enjoy the challenge of difficult cover ups.

Appointments and consultations are setup through my email or you can start the email thread here on the contact page.

The studio’s email is
Phone number 248-677-3428

Located at 22747 Woodward Avenue, Suite 203

I hope to tattoo you soon