Tattoos by BODAH

Bodah is an International Award Winning Artist operating at

Murder Ink
136 N.Main St
Bowling Green, Ohio
(419) 353-5608

He functions as a very versatile artist, though excels in all forms of realism. Specializing in portrait work and photograph replication within a modern painterly style. After a decade long career in the US Army, Bodah separated from the service to pursue tattooing. He served a formal apprenticeship under the Master Tattooist- Armadillo Red in 2006. Since then has grown an international reputation for outstanding quality. Many customers fly in from around the world to experience his vision of an idea. He is an artist who understands the significance behind "bleeding for art". Constantly continuing his education for the craft, the art, and the medical aspects of this sacred art form. He displays a passion for his job and has been described as a “prime professional.” As honest as they come, he will tell you his thoughts on every design; the wisdom that he shares is never questioned after they see the final product. Bodah is mathematical in his process, never willing to take a short cut. Achieving extreme results in minimal time (almost all pieces displayed are single session). Time and time again we have seen elation on the faces of his customers. He continuously demonstrates his strive for the highest quality with every tattoo he commits to skin. Bodah also gives multiple seminars on cover ups, conceptual processes, digital painting for tattoo artists, and portfolio building.

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